Barbecue/Field trip (Outdoor activity)

EMAS organizes events that take place outside the mosque building or in outdoor spaces like at public park. These activities are designed to promote community bonding, engage community members, and provide opportunities for social, physical, and recreational activities. Here are some common outdoor community activities that mosques may organize:

Picnics and Barbecues : EMAS center host outdoor picnics and barbecues, where community members can gather in a relaxed environment, enjoy food, and socialize with each other and their families.

Sports Tournaments : Organizing sports tournaments such as soccer, cricket, or basketball can help promote physical fitness and friendly competition among community members.

Eid Festivals : Outdoor Eid celebrations, with games, rides, food stalls, and entertainment, create a festive atmosphere for community members to celebrate Islamic holidays.

Flea Markets and Bazaars : Organizing outdoor markets allows community members to showcase their talents and sell handmade crafts, clothes, or other items.