Youth stay night form

Dawah Night Programs

Assalamu Alaikum Warhmatulhi Wabarakatu and welcome to  (Darul-Hijrah Islamic School)

EMAS will be hosting a Dawah evening and night/sleepover at the center. This event is programmed for boys 15+ or in Highschool. About to enter Highschool is fine. 

There are a few regulations for the Dawah Night participants, so please read: 

* To be part of the sleepover, participants must attend the lectures before the food program.
*Failure to participate in the lectures will require a payment of $25 to attend the sleepover.
*Phones and all electronics are NOT ALLOWED between Maghreb and Fajr Prayer
*Parents of minors have to consent by uploading their ID. 

Please fill out the registration form below to have your children attend.