Family and Counseling Service

Our Imams and Scholars offer family and counseling services to support community members in dealing with various personal, family, and marital issues. These services aim to provide guidance, support, and counseling based on Islamic principles. Some of the services are :

Marriage Counseling : Imams offer guidance on communication, conflict resolution, and strengthening the marital bond for the couples whom experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

Pre-Marital Counseling : The counseling to help engaged couples prepare for married life., including religious responsibilities, communication, and expectations.

Family Counseling : This counseling includes families dealing with issues such as parent-child relationships, family dynamics, and conflicts.

Islamic Guidance : This counseling services often include offering guidance on religious matters, such as increasing one’s faith, understanding Quranic teachings, and deepening one’s connection to Allah.

Addiction Counseling : Some mosques provide counseling and support for individuals dealing with substance abuse or addiction issues. These programs may include referrals to rehabilitation services.

Youth Counseling : We invite trained and professional counselors to address the specific challenges and needs of Muslim youth, including issues related to identity, peer pressure, and faith.