Women & Children

EMAS center offers women and children programs These programs aim to provide education, support, and opportunities for social and spiritual growth. Some of the activities the Women and Children group proves:

Women’s Programs :

Educational Workshops : EMAS offers workshops and lectures specifically designed for women, covering a wide range of topics such as Islamic studies, Quranic recitation, personal development, and health and wellness.

Sisters’ Circles : Which engages sisters to have an open dialogue, seek guidance on religious matters, and build strong sisterly bonds.

Support Groups : The group consults sisters who facing various challenges, such as marital issues, grief and loss.

Parenting and Family Workshops : The group provide a workshop specifically on increase parenting skills and guidance on raising children.

Youth Empowerment : Reach out young girls and teenagers to empower them with self-esteem, leadership skills, and Islamic knowledge.

Community Service : Encourage women to participate in community service and volunteer opportunities to encourage social engagement and giving back to the community.

Children’s Programs :

  • Islamic Education:
  • Arabic Language Classes
  • Weekend Schools
  • Islamic Arts and Crafts
  • Summer Camps
  • Tutoring and Homework Assistance