Home Schooling

EMAS Academy

EMAS Academy arranges its facility in which parents or guardians choose to homeschool their children with the support and resources provided by the This approach allows families to provide their children with an Islamic education while also offering academic subjects in a faith-based environment.  Here’s how EMAS Academy engaged to support homeschooling at center :

Islamic Education : The EMAS Academy offer homeschooling programs typically provide Islamic education and religious studies. This includes teaching children the Quran, Hadith, Islamic history, ethics, and other religious subjects.

Secular Curriculum : In addition to Islamic education, EMAS Academy also incorporate a secular curriculum. This can cover subjects like mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and more.

Qualified Instructors : EMAS Academy hires a qualified instructors or teachers who specialize in Islamic education and the secular subjects. These instructors help guide students in their learning and ensure that they meet academic standards.

Flexible Schedule : EMAS Academy offers a flexible schedule, allowing parents and students to design a learning routine that suits their needs. This flexibility can be especially useful for accommodating family or religious commitments.

Socialization : EMAS Academy organizes activities or gatherings to promote socialization among homeschooling students. This allows children to interact with their peers and build a sense of community.

Parental Involvement : Parents or guardians play a significant role in the homeschooling process. They are responsible for overseeing their child’s education, providing support, and ensuring that the child completes the required coursework.

Islamic Values : We typically emphasizes the integration of Islamic values and principles into the daily curriculum. This helps students develop a strong foundation in their faith.

Progress Monitoring : We apply a system in place to monitor students’ progress. This may include regular assessments, assignments, and feedback to parents.

Graduation and Certification : Upon successful completion of their education, students may receive graduation certificates from the mosque’s homeschooling program. These certificates may be recognized within the mosque community.

Resource Support : EMAS Academy offers technology resources to facilitate online learning.