We have a monthly community gathering at the center with all members to discuss various matters related to the community, the mosque’s activities, and its future. These meetings are essential for fostering communication, addressing concerns, and making decisions that impact the mosque and its members. Here are some of the agendas we address for the community.
  • The administration presents an update on various aspects of the mosque’s operations. This may include financial reports, facility maintenance updates, and activities organized by the mosque.
  • Members of the community are given the opportunity to voice their concerns or ask questions about various aspects of the mosque’s activities. This allows for open dialogue and the addressing of community issues.
  • Engage the community members to involve on decision-making processes, such as voting on important matters like budget allocation, leadership elections, or major community projects.
  • The administrative proposed new projects and create initiatives such as buying new property or expanding the community center.
  • Collect feedbacks from the members such as ideas, suggestions, and opinions on how to improve the mosque’s services and activities.
  • Invites guest speakers, scholars, or educators who provide valuable insights on various topics, such as Islamic knowledge, community building, or relevant issues.
  • Raise funds to support ongoing projects and operations.
  • Make announcement and plannings on the upcoming religious holidays, special events, or community activities, such as Ramadan preparations, Eid celebrations, and educational seminars.