EMAS center involves the coordination of various departments and committees to ensure its smooth operation and to serve the needs of the community. The effectiveness of the center operation often depends on the dedication and collaboration of volunteers, staff, and community members in the following various departments. Here’s our departments and their role operating at the center. 

Administration Department

● Mosque administration and management
● Financial management and accounting.
● Human resources and staff management.

Worship Department

● Coordinate Imam and prayer services.
● Quranic studies and educational programs.
● Prayer schedule and congregation coordination.

Youth and Education Department

● Islamic education for children and youth.
● Youth engagement and activities.
● Quran memorization (Hifz) programs.
● Weekend Islamic schools.
● Youth counseling and mentorship.

Women’s Department

● Women’s prayer and religious services.
● Women’s educational programs.
● Women’s social and support activities.

Community Outreach and Dawah (Invitation) Department:

● Interfaith dialogue and community engagement.
● Organizing events and activities to build bridges with the broader community.
● Sharing the message of Islam and addressing misconceptions.

Social Services and Charity Committee

● Zakat and Sadaqah (charity) collection and distribution.
● Providing support to the needy and vulnerable.
● Managing food banks, clothing drives, and other social services.

Facilities and Maintenance Department

● Maintenance and upkeep of the mosque building.
● Ensuring a clean and safe environment.
● Overseeing construction and renovation projects.

IT and Technology Department:

● Managing the mosque’s website and online presence.
● Audio-visual equipment for events and broadcasts.
● Tech support for educational and administrative purposes.

Finance and Fundraising Committee

● Fundraising and financial planning.
● Budgeting and financial reporting.
● Investment management.

Health and Wellness Committee

● Promoting health and wellness within the community.
● Organizing health awareness campaigns.
● Providing information on healthy lifestyles.

Event Planning and Activities Committee

● Organizing and coordinating mosque events and programs.
● Cultural and social activities.
● Religious celebrations and festivals.

Public Relations and Communications:

● Managing public relations and community communications.
● Media and press relations.
● Social media and digital outreach.

Security Committee

● Ensuring the safety and security of the mosque and its community members.
● Developing security protocols and emergency response plans.