Social Services

EMAS have been engaged in many social services to serve the community and to fulfill their needs. Here are some of the social services provided by EMAS.

Food Distribution : We have distributed food items to low-income families and individuals those in need, particularly during times of COVID, economic hardship and crisis.

Clothing Drives : We have been organized clothing drives to collect and distribute clothes to those who require them, especially for people facing financial difficulties and facing displacements because of drought and civil war in EAST Africa and other Muslim countries.

Shelter and Housing Assistance : Our Masjid always open to provide a shelter during harsh winter and hot season.

Education and Tutoring : We have provided an educational support for the community, such as tutoring services for students, particularly in subjects like Quranic studies, Islamic education and IT/Software training.

Health Services : We had organized health fairs during COVID time and other services like flu vaccinations, blood pressure checks, health education to the community in different occassions.

Community Counseling : Our EMAS Imams [Scholars] and other qualified trained counselors from the community have provided counseling services to address various issues, including marriage counseling, family counseling, and mental health support.

Community Events : EMAS frequently hosted community events, such as Student high School and College graduations, Community festival and Holidays.

Youth Programs : We have hosted multiple youth programs aimed at providing constructive activities and religious education for young members of the community.

Emergency Relief : In response to natural disasters and other emergencies, EMAS has organized relief efforts, such as collecting donations and distributing aid to affected communities.